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Startling Need for Leads to
Better Health Care at Lower Cost
That formula. along with. can be the catalyst that cures what ails the severe health-care problems the United States faces buy parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store . where it costs over $8. 000 per person; as the rest of the developed world pays. while they cover all their citizens. WWWDr. Jeffrey Brennen is founder of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers in Camden. N. J. His incentive to become founder came while he was analyzing hospital medical billing data in Camden. he identified “hot-spots. ” depicting where the highest rate of emergency medical services were being used parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store . and finding that an astonishing 1% of Camden patients accounted for 30% of
health-care costs parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store discount .
WWWHis research came about in 2001 when a twenty-two-year-old Rutgers’ University male student was shot several times while driving and somehow ejected from his car. and lay motionless. dying parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store . Several people approached to help but were stopped by the police; one officer telling a woman. “He’s pretty much dead. ” She then called a doctor who lived a few doors down who happened to be Jeffrey Brenner. He rushes to the scene and after some discussion. the police allow him to attend to the victim inexpensive parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store . his body was still warm and Brenner checks for a pulse; he was alive parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store . and immediately started chest compressions and rescue breathing. Shortly parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store on sale . the student dies hybridge canada goose store online . Brenner confronted one of the officers asking why they didn’t attempt a rescue. The vacuous answer. “We didn’t want to dislodge the bullet. ” Not surprisingly. this incident became a local scandal.
WWWSoon afterward. a police reform commission was created; Brenner was asked to serve. and he agreed canada goose stores ottawa . As a member he learned about New York’s Compstat approach to crime which focused on mapping crime hot-spots. so he and the reform commission appealed to the Camden Police Department to create computerized maps. and to focus police presence in those selected areas. They refused. incentivizing Brennen to make his own maps from three main hospital billing records and tabulating the emergency-room visits of victims of serious assault. From the results. he pushed the police chief to modify the allocation of police power to the designated areas. His appeal was about as effective as urinating up a rope. and it withered on the vine.
WWWIn doing this research of assault patterns yukon bomber jacket canada goose womens jackets sales . he began recognizing the way patients flowed into and out of Camden’s hospitals. creating block-by-block maps and looked for the high-cost medical hot-spots canada goose fur buy on sale . finding that between 2002 and 2008 canada goose buy online cheap for sale . 900 people in two buildings accounted for more than an astounding 4. 000 hospital visits. One building had $15 million in payments. and the other had $12 million; that’s enough to put a nurse practitioner on every floor of both buildings. The New Yorker magazine reported the cost at $200 million, Cheap Canada Goose Victoria Parka White for sale . The data also divulged that one person went to emergency care 113 times in one year. another went 324 times in five years. and another 450 times in one year canada goose dawson parka - ladies store online . Unbelievably, Cheap Canada Goose Expedition Parka Men Graphite on sale . the leading cause for emergency room visits in Camden was head colds—12. 000 visits; second is ear infection parka kensington canada goose paris outlet store , discount canada goose online dk . and third is sore throat. One emergency room visit costs between $1. 000 to $3. 000. One night costs between $2. 000 to $4. 000. Curative medicine is ten times more expensive than. Brenner’s research uncovered that the elderly and poorest residents relied disproportionately on emergency room visits with zero preve.



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