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Mortality and Life Mingle in Polluted Creek
A dozen strangers armed with cameras and binoculars gathered outside a coffee shop in Long Island City. Mitch Waxman discount manteau canada goose sport expert outlet . a Newtown Creek Historian manteau canada goose sport expert outlet . outlined the unusual trip. The itinerary included stops along a wide street in an industrial area. the east branch of a creek tributary and Calvary Cemetery. This wasn’t an ordinary bird watching tour.

“There will be parts where we walk over contaminated sediment. ” Waxman said.

The inaugural excursion was organized to show how nature still exists around Newtown Creek. The four-mile waterway between Brooklyn and Queens is known for its environmental problems. including an Exxon oil spill. car exhaust pollution and chemical contaminants manteau canada goose sport expert outlet 2015 .

“We hope people realize that Newtown Creek is not a dead waterway. ” said Waxman. “It’s still a vital waterway full of life. ”

Decades of industrial activity helped turn Newtown Creek into one of the most polluted waterways in the nation manteau canada goose sport expert outlet , cheap buy canada goose jackets buffalo . It became a Superfund site in 2010.

Waxman served as the tour guide for the Newtown Creek Alliance’s first-ever bird watching trip where to buy manteau canada goose sport expert outlet . His narration covered the history of the creek. its surrounding areas and the efforts of community groups involved in the creek’s cleanup manteau canada goose sport expert outlet .

Shari Romar helped Waxman lead the tour. Romar holds a master’s degree in environmental studies and works at the Queens Botanical Garden. She enjoyed being a part of the unique expedition despite the industrial and polluted backdrop surrounding the creek.

“Seeing an area like that and how it can still get bits of nature in there is such a hopeful feeling. ” Romar said.

In May 2012. the New York City Department of Health issued its latest public health assessment of the creek. Eating fish and crabs from the creek “could harm people’s health manteau canada goose sport expert outlet cheap . due to the chemical contaminants. ” according to the assessment.

Some contaminants were invisible during the tour; others were far more obvious.

Several dead rats floated along the creek and distracted tour members from observing killdeer buy canada goose lodge jacket cheap . laughing gulls. barn swallows and house sparrows. The stench of rotten eggs near the Maspeth Creek tributary dampened the excitement of viewing cormorants. little blue herons. and mourning doves.

Newtown Creek Alliance has not yet set a date for its next tour. but interested parties can check their website for updates. Waxman said the excursion was a way of showing the waterway in a new light.

“It’s about getting people to envision what Newtown Creek could be in fifty years cheap discount canada goose jacket ca . ” Waxman said, canada goose chateau parka hamburg store online .

Birds may live around the creek out of necessity. rather than by choice canada goose the chateau parka 3426m for sale . given the limited availability of habitat space nearby.

“The nature of having pockets of green in an urban matrix concentrates birds within those green spaces. ” said New York City Audubon’s Executive Director Glenn Phillips.

Phillips said the condensing of birds in urban areas makes the city a great place for bird watching. His group, canada goose trillium parka shiny sales . a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Audubon Society. seeks to protect wild birds and habitats throughout the city’s five boroughs canada goose banding sales . The Audubon is not affiliated with the Newtown Creek Alliance or its tour.

The group applauded when Romar announced a total of 18 birds had been spotted during the tour.

“There is life out there discount canada goose chilliwack parka for men . ” she said kids canada goose stockists uk .

“There is life out there and it’s teeming. ” added Waxman. “Any time you give nature an inch. it will take over. ” manteau canada goose sport expert outlet .



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