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What you ought to Know About Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are typically something you don’t think about unless they cause a problem. Unfortunately. when they do cause problems it can be significant where to buy canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store . Let’s cover the basics of retaining walls.

Why and When Do You Need Retaining Walls canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store .
The answer to the why is obvious – to retain the earth canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store buy . But the when is a little more complicated canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store . Site conditions are always a factor. A home on a flat site with a full basement may require retaining walls to create a second means of egress or a more convenient way to move large items in and out of the basement without going through the rest of the house discount canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store . Alternately. steeply sloping sites may require retaining walls – or a series of retaining walls – to create functional flat ground for living canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store , real discounts on canada goose jackets . farming (as in the ancient rice fields. above). or entertainment.

How Do You Properly Build a Retaining Wall.
There are many important factors to be considered prior to constructing a lasting retaining wall canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store retail . Considerations include how will the material behind the wall (backfill) drain. and what will the footings be.

Drainage and backfill are needed to keep the wall you see in place. What to use depends on the topographical conditions of your site. and the soil in your area. For instance. if the backfill consists of Missouri clay Cheap Canada Goose Expedition Parka Women Black for sale . this type of soil expands when wet canada goose big snow mantra parka online store . creating hydrostatic pressure on the wall which can eventually lead to cracks or even collapse.

Hydrostatic pressure concerns can be minimized by using clean rock as backfill so the soil behind the wall can drain through the rock to a drain pipe at the base of the wall which can then be routed away from the wall. This also helps minimize pressure on the wall that can happen with Midwest freeze/thaw cycles.

Footings are the underground structure the retaining wall rests on. They can be made of compacted crushed rock or concrete. depending on the type of wall being built above, canada goose chilliwack solde on sale . The bottom of the footing should always be below the frost line. which in the St. Louis area is 30” below grade. This depth helps avoid the heaving of the wall when the ground freezes canada goose department stores 2015 .

What Materials Can Be Used to Build a Retaining Wall.
The walls themselves can be made of variety of materials. with popular choices being interlocking concrete block walls such as Versa-Lok canada goose winter coats in the us cheap . or reinforced concrete, canada goose chilliwack vancouver outlet online . Prefabricated block walls are less expensive and are ideal for short wall (18-36”) applications.

Walls taller than 36” require reinforcing. For concrete walls. this is done with steel reinforcing rods called rebar. These concrete walls are typically designed by an engineer canada goose online shop in canada outlet . Walls made of Versa-Lok or similar prefabricated concrete block products are typically tied together with pins or interlock. and may also need to be reinforced with a structural fabric grid. This grid is anchored into the soil behind the wall.

A more decorative choice of wall material is natural stone. Natural stone is the most difficult to reinforce properly and is best used in short wall applications or as a veneer on a concrete wall.

Good design of a proper retaining wall considers all of these factors in addition to the overall design of how you live and enjoy your home. To create a beautiful and lasting retaining wall. work with the professionals at St canada goose lodge hoody xs . Louis remodeling firm Mosby Building Arts. Learn more about their exterior remodeling services. Call the Mosby office at 314. 909. 1800 or contact them here. canada goose winter coats stores montreal online store



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