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Visitor Post buy canada goose stores outlet online . Leading Lessons from Wonderland
Leading is a privilege. not an entitlement. It is a responsibility. A good lead focuses on whether the follow is having a good time. not solely on their own good time. A good lead needs to communicate with the follow and work to create a shared experience. Remember. you can only start to pull out crazy flourishes with your follow’s consent. To earn that consent. make sure that the follow and the follow’s wishes are an integral part of the dance.

Learn from Hamish. Don't make the same mistakes he makes below. Don't be a jerk.

STRIKE 1. "I think you'll do best to keep your visions to yourself. ”

At the start of the dance canada goose stores outlet online . Alice relays to Hamish a rather silly vision of seeing all of the ladies in trousers and the men in dresses. (Actually. that's not too far off from a couple of contra dances I've been to. ) Hamish. however canada goose stores outlet online online . is too wrapped up in his own ideas about how the dance should go and is completely uninterested in finding out what is important to his partner. Good leading is all about the dialog you have with your partner while dancing. As a lead canada goose stores outlet online . you need to understand what kind of energy your follow is bringing to the dance. and you need to be open to incorporating that energy into your leading. In this case, canada goose resolute parka men's cheap . Alice is clearly feeling silly. If Hamish has any hope of Alice’s enjoying the dance. he’s going to need to at least try to meet her halfway in order to match her energy buy canada goose stores outlet online . If you don’t make this effort as a lead canada goose stores outlet online . you are likely to reach an impasse canada goose stores outlet online discount . and that may be the last time you have this follow as a partner.

STRIKE 2. "When in doubt. remain silent canada goose in sale store online . "

No. No no no. And oh yeah. by the way, expedition parka jacket red canada goose womens jackets sales . NO. If you are dancing follow and are ever in doubt about a lead's behavior -- if the lead is hurting you women's canada goose victoria sales . making you feel unsafe or ESPECIALLY if the lead is dancing with you in an inappropriate manner by your own standards -- speak up. squawk. shout. or yell. Make yourself heard. As a lead canada goose winter coats retailers cheap . LISTEN to your follow. They shouldn't ever have to repeat themselves.

STRIKE 3. (ALICE IS SO OUT OF THERE). "Pardon us... Miss Kingsleigh is distracted today. "

This is the one that made me want to reach into the movie screen and slap Hamish, mens canada goose winter jackets sales . While promenading around the set in the quadrille. Alice bumps into a dancer from the next set over. After they pass. Hamish shouts this gem over his shoulder at the other couple. Do not EVER do this -- don’t blame your follow for your own lack of care. Accidents occur on the dance floor sometimes. If you’re leading. however. you need to be looking out for your partner canada goose buy from canada online store . That means watching where both you and your partner are going during a promenade. Frankly. if your partner collides with another dancer. it’s your fault because you did not move your partner out of the way fast enough. Under normal circumstances. such an event would frequently be laughed off as a minor fumble. It is highly inappropriate. however canada goose ladies jackets uk cheap . to blame the follow for the collision. It is inexcusable to do so in a loud voice so that everyone in your set and the next can hear you cast the blame canada goose calgary canada cheap . The only thing you will accomplish is to broadcast to all within earshot that you are a jerk.

Don’t be Hamish Ascot. Respect your partner. Include your partner (or neighbor.. canada goose stores outlet online . ) in a shared experience. Social dance is a shared experience. not a lead-only show. You want your partners to dance with you again. not chase the nearest rabbit into the line furthest from you.



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