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Opened Gmail When Blocked
It is very normal thing all the offices. All the social networking sites are blocked. I still dont understnad why do they do this. Anyways. this has rencently happened in my office too. All the social networking sites are blocked. Working without any social networking site is so impossible inexpensive canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . But this is not enough. they have blocked all the torrnet sites and gmail also canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . Its so pathetic. But they dont know we can still use it by many different ways. After googling and doing lots of research. i found many different ways. Following are the tips and different ways to access Gmail and bi pass administrator blocked list canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 retail .

Use different url's for the sites. It is possible that the administrator can block the url's canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . They can block the direct url to access the site. For example say. if your gmail is blocked then there are chances that the administrator have blocked only the "www. gmail discount canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . com" url. So use different URL web address to access Gmail instead of using www canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . gmail. com. Here are some examples.

But in our office all this are blocked. I think the admin team has directly blocked the url which contains the word "gmail". So none of it worked in our office canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 purchase .

Access through iGoogle.
Try to access Gmail using iGoogle login URL "http. //www, canada goose jacket canada buy store online . google. com/ig", canada goose store in buffalo sales . After login you have to add Gmail to iGoogle. When you access GMail through iGoogle all the communication with the GMail servers is routed through iGoogle servers. So this defeats all the restriction and filters applied by IT administrators in blocking gmail. com domain.

You can use Opera mini online simulator to open Gmail in a small window. It works same as in the phone. Go to http. //www canada goose online norway store . operamini snow goose of canada outlet store . com/demo/ or http. //demo. opera-mini. net/ and type Gmail URL. it will definitely work for you.

The problem here is you can view messages in small simulator screen. But its always better than nothing canada goose camp hoody black on sale . I tried this and it worked very well.

Configure your mail clients like Outlook real canada goose amsterdam sale . Live Mail to access GMail using POP3 or IMAP protocol, cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber noire . This trick of accessing GMail when blocked is mostly useful for working professionals as they should be definitely using some mail client for official mail access. Follow the steps from here.

Even if Gmail is blocked Gtalk is still accessible canada goose stockists montreal . Sign in to GTalk and click on the envelope icon to launch access GMail.

If you have permission to install software on your work computer that installing Google Desktop might serve the purpose. You can access Gmail using this application.

Use ‘FreeMyFeed’. It allows you to generate password free RSS Feed which can be used to access Gmail contents in a web based RSS reader.
Note. Use discretion while sharing login details.

You can use 3rd party websites. which is risky. and install Gmail Lite software canada goose 365 bannatyne 2015 . Google search for this. )

There are thousands of proxy websites which can be used to access Gmail blocked in office. school or at work. The one which i used and worked perfectly was the kproxy canada goose mystique parka ottawa 2015 . com.

It worked very well for me

10. Buy a Gift for your IT-Department.
If none of the above one is working for you. just make friends in IT ops department and keep gifting them something. so that they may allow you to access the sites.

Note. Use all the above mentioned steps at your own risk. Book Of Knowledge will not be responsible if it occurs to any violation of any rules.

If you need help in any of the steps mentioned above. please free to ask via comment.




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