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Sources & Domestication of dogs
Understanding the origins of dogs can be a bit overwhelming. but a basic understanding of some of the domestication processes and how they occurred can be a valuable tool in understanding our dogs today discount canada goose downtown toronto . This will become more clear in future articles related to inter-family and pack behavior and communication. The facts are vital because this topic has been so skewed by popular culture and certain traditional and celebrity trainers who utilize “alpha” or “pack” theory.

The origin of the domestic dog has been shrouded in mystery and lost to time. Mainstream science has for the most part overlooked dogs’ behavior and their domestication until recently canada goose downtown toronto . Almost all research papers on this topic state that understanding the early domestication of dogs is important to understanding the origins and evolution of humans. Either way. this area of science is very dynamic. fluid. and constantly changing. This topic can be amazingly complicated, canada goose expedition montreal sales . so I’ve tried to simplify it down to a page or two. from the hundreds of pages of abstracts. research. and documentation available online.

Until last year canada goose downtown toronto shop . most archaeological evidence placed the origin of dogs around 14-19. 000 years ago. around the time of the last glacial maximum. In 2011. 2 skulls of domesticated dogs were dated to be over 30. 000 years old canada goose downtown toronto . with the oldest dating back 33. 000 years where to buy canada goose downtown toronto . these skulls supported the discovery of a 36. 0000 year old dog skull in 2009. Initial genetic research placed the geographic origin to a single population in SE Asia; this is being strongly contested in favor of a multi-regional origin. Based on several 1997-2010 genetic studies the divergence more likely simultaneously came from Grey Wolves (sub species European wolf. Indian wolf canada goose downtown toronto . North American wolf. and Chinese wolf) at what they estimated to be 100. 000 years ago. Pinpointing the exact genetic history of the dogs has been further complicated due to backcrossing with wolves. coyotes and jackals.

There are two prevailing theories as to how wolves were domesticated. The original theory involved a conscious effort on the humans’ part to domesticate the wolves, canada goose down coat sale . by taking wolf puppies from their den. feeding canada goose downtown toronto online shop . training. and taming them canada goose solstice g-tech for sale , canada goose timber shell womens store online .

The more recent. and in my mind practical theory. wolves tamed themselves. It is theorized that when food was scarce. less fearful wolves would follow and scavenge human left-overs. further habituating themselves to humans. Over generations. changes began and the wolves physically and mentally evolved into domesticated dogs in parallel with humans. and their evolving brains and developing social structures canada goose men's tremblant pullover outlet store . Interestingly canada goose pbi expedition women's store online . as wolves became dogs canada goose 5177m for sale . they began to exhibit paedomorphosis or the retention of juvenile canada goose captivity 2015 . puppy-like characteristics as illustrated by the ongoing silver fox studies. The first dogs (or proto-dogs) were thought to work as opportunistic hunting dogs. capturing wounded animals that had been shot with arrows. Certain tribes still use jackals this way in modern times. Additional benefits to humans from the partnership with wolves could have been alerting humans to danger. and keeping the area clean by scavenging. Unintentional selection would most likely have started during this period canada goose story in chicago 2015 . eliminating the more aggressive dogs and breeding for more desirable temperament traits. Eventually. the early dogs became more specialized through selective breeding and as human needs developed. canada goose downtown toronto



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