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The Four Quadrants of your time Management
Everything you do in life can be classified as.

Most people spend their lives focused on the Urgent things regardless of their importance. In business as in life it is extremely important to always ask yourself. “Am I doing this because it is truly important or am I doing this just because it is urgent. ”

Only focus on the important things — ignore everything else regardless of the urgency.

These are things you cannot and should not ignore. However spending too much time in this Quadrant will lead to stress and burn out — you will be caught in a never-ending cycle of crisis management and fire fighting.

The only way to reduce the time you spend in this quadrant is to be proactive and to spend more time on the important things BEFORE they become emergencies.

Dealing with a heart attack is an Urgent and Important problem (Q1) that cannot be ignored — but maybe if you would have spent more time eating healthy and exercising (Q2) you could have avoided it altogether.

Activities in this quadrant include planning. prevention. capability improvement purchase canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 . relationship building. recognizing new opportunities. etc…

Spending your time in this quadrant will lead to.

This Quadrant is full of pressing matters, discount canada goose dawson parka . Interruptions. Ringing phones. Most emails. etc… Spending too much time in this quadrant leads to a very short-term focus with continual crisis management. You will begin to see plans and goals as useless since you are unlikely to have time to devote to them. Your relationships and reputation will suffer and you will feel victimized with no control over your life canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 , canada goose expedition xxs outlet . (Stay away from this quadrant. Puppies will almost certainly die), canada goose dawson parka xxs 2015 .

You have scheduled an important meeting with a coworker 2 weeks ahead of time canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 2015 . This person has very limited time and so you carve out a 30 minute window to deal with a very important matter.

As you sit down and start the meeting. your phone starts to ring canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 . The phone is screaming. “Pick me up real canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 . Pick me up. Pick me up. ”

Most people will pickup the phone and sacrifice the Important but not urgent meeting for the Not Important but Urgent ringing phone.

Spending too much time in this quadrant can lead to dependence on others for your basics canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 . loss of jobs. irresponsibility canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 discount . etc…

Not quite. The Question “What is important to me canada goose womens aosta cheap . ” usually does not have a simple answer.

Which quadrant does this fall into. The answer is it depends on YOUR priorities and what is important to YOU. On the surface it looks clearly like a Q4 item – a time waster. Not urgent and certainly not important.

But order canada goose jacket . it could be a Q2 event (important) if you consider the event to be an opportunity to spend quality time building relationships with your parents. children canada goose women's camp down hooded jacket cheap . or friends used canada goose trillium cheap .

Clearly another Q4 item. A time waster. Or is it. If watching TV is a stress reliever for you and serves as a way to wind down and chill out after a hectic day cheap canada goose jackets . it could very well be a Q2 activity real canada goose ladies georgian vest . Just as long as you frame it correctly and consume it in the right way.

To be successful with this method you must have a very clear understanding of what is important to you. what your long term goals are. etc… For more information about how to plan your week around this framework. see my blog post on How I Plan My Week.

Fans of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” should download my Free iOS app to help with their weekly planning canada goose down bomber jacket 2015 .



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