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GOP Abortion Stance Allows More Rapists to Assert Rights to Co-Parent Children Conceived in Rape
Imagine it’s Friday. and you are waiting for your child’s father to pick her up for his weekend visitation. When the doorbell rings cheap buy canada goose jacket london outlet . it will mean seeing your rapist again. and handing your child over to him. If this mind-boggling scenario seems far-fetched. think again buy canada goose jacket london outlet , canada goose winter coats canada outlet store . The prospect of spending the rest of your life co-parenting with a rapist-father is nauseating buy canada goose jacket london outlet sale , canada goose down mitts outlet store . but that could become the law of the land under Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

When Romney aligned himself with Ryan and the militant buy canada goose jacket london outlet . absolutist Republican majority in Congress. he signed up to oppose all abortions without exception—even if a woman’s life is at risk or a pregnancy is the result of rape or incest. Thousands of women all over the country who now can legally end a pregnancy caused by rape would instead be forced to carry the child to term. In most states. that means submitting to the rapist-father’s assertion of paternal rights regarding visitation. religion, canada goose expedition parka sale outlet online . education. health care and countless other issues. And this week. the GOP convention will adopt a platform endorsing the no-exceptions abortion plank. Welcome to the GOP’s shocking approach to women’s rights.

It turns out that in 31 states discount buy canada goose jacket london outlet . a woman who carries a rape pregnancy to term has no effective way to block the rapist from asserting his paternal rights over the child he forced on her. In those 31 states. it is not unusual for a rapist to assert his parental rights over his victim’s rape-child. according to lawyer Shauna Prewitt. who wrote a 2010 article about it in the Georgetown Law Journal. The mother will be at risk of spending decades co-parenting with her rapist and encountering him at family events for the rest of their lifetimes. The stakes are enormous for the estimated 25. 000 to 32. 000 girls and women impregnated by rape each year.

This legal respect for rapists at the expense of their victims is an appalling buy canada goose jacket london outlet . mind-bending amplification of the punishment already inflicted on a woman by the rape itself. Prewitt. who endured a legal nightmare when she sought to keep sole custody of her daughter buy canada goose jacket london outlet sale . is fighting to change the laws to protect women from being sentenced to the same scenario. She wants to allow rape victims to recover from the assault. Prewitt points out that raped women “who are required to share custody and visitation privileges may be unable to undertake some of the steps raped women have found necessary to move forward and heal. ” In such a situation canada goose winter jackets uk shop store online . a raped woman would be unable to seek recovery by relocating. she said. Since many rape victims suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. those unable to escape from the “triggers” that cause stress reactions would be more likely to fall into substance abuse. psychological disorders. anxiety attacks real canada goose resolute parka sale . and suicidal thoughts cost to make a canada goose jacket . and that would negatively affect their performance as a parent. Prewitt said canada goose jackets ethical online store .

Approximately 25. 000 women become pregnant through rape each year. In response. many states have passed special laws. devised streamlined procedures. or both. to aid pregnant women who seek abortions or wish to place their rape-conceived children for adoption canada goose down resolute parka store . However. few states have passed laws to aid the large numbers of raped women who choose to raise their rape-conceived children. Without such laws boxing day canada goose montreal cheap . in most states buy canada goose jacket london outlet . a man who fathers through rape has the same custody and visitation privileges to that child as does any other father of a child. Moreover. as a result of this legal void. raped women and their children are left to face substantial and potentially terrible consequences.

This Note argues that the absence of these laws stems from the societal images and other rhetoric concerning the pregnant rape.



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