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Finding Balance Between your Firm and My Family
Every year at this time. my family celebrates Christmas Eve. Christmas Day. my son’s birthday. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Needless to say, canada goose goedkoop online 2015 . it’s a busy week for us. We have family visiting from near and far… grandparents real best canada goose jacket for men 2015 . aunts. uncles and cousins. Since Christmas Eve. we’ve been moving from one party to the next. It’s exhausting. but honestly best canada goose jacket for men 2015 . there is nothing more important than spending time with family and friends.

A few years ago. we started a new tradition at the firm. With the economy limping along and our revenues… let’s just say. less than they used to be. we decided to give to our staff the gift of time in lieu of a cash bonus. On the Friday before Christmas. we closed the studio early and headed to one of our favorite local hot spots for a lunch. We celebrated “survival” for another year and toasted to the success we have planned for 2013 best canada goose jacket for men 2015 discount . We then shut down the studio for the week and each headed off to spend time with our families.

It’s a great opportunity to stop best canada goose jacket for men 2015 . think. plan and get motivated for the coming year. but it’s tough to be away from the studio for any significant amount of time inexpensive best canada goose jacket for men 2015 . In order to keep projects progressing. much needs to be accomplished prior to taking the break. Then. upon our return, canada goose jackets use coyote fur store . we must gear up quickly and pick up where we left off best canada goose jacket for men 2015 . To make things worse. many of our projects in construction continue on without us, real canada goose winter coats go sale store . Issues requiring our attention are waiting to be addressed upon our return.

Success in life. for me. is finding that all important balance between the firm and my family best canada goose jacket for men 2015 sale . (Tweet This)

Being an owner of an architecture firm is not easy (especially during the past few years). but the ability to schedule my time to provide proper attention to both the firm and my family is something I will never trade canada goose homme galerie lafayette store . Every morning canada goose langford online sales . I wave to my kids and blow kisses as they load on to their big yellow buses and head off to school canada goose gloves winnipeg store online . I attend my kids’ band concerts. watch their school plays. meet with their teachers and I have missed not one swim meet. I am very involved in my kids lives. God put me on earth to be their dad and I take that responsibility very seriously.

But… I also have an architecture firm to run. We have over a dozen active projects of all shapes and sizes. We’ve increased our marketing efforts and decreased staff. That means we’re very busy. I am wearing many hats and performing many tasks each day. How does one get it all done.

It’s not easy.

The year 2013 will be pivotal. We’re seeing our pipeline of projects filling up and I expect we’ll start growing again. So. how do I find the balance between the firm and my family when we’re in transition and getting busier every day. I set priorities. I stay inspired to succeed and I plan discount canada goose jack kite . Next week canada goose jacket whistler parka cheap . between catching up on projects and addressing pending questions. I’ll be updating our business plan and adjusting it to respond to the current and upcoming market conditions.

How do YOU find the balance between the firm and your family.

A quick side note… I’d love to know what you think of the new site. With a major increase in traffic and big plans to grow the site to include more than just my weekly blog rant. I needed to move to a new hosting service. I embraced the opportunity to upgrade the design to be more functional and easier to read echte canada goose jassen sales .

I’d love to know what you think…

photo credit. Vvillamon via photopincc best canada goose jacket for men 2015 .



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